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Custom Decks in Richmond, VA

Transform your Richmond-area home with our custom-designed decks. Deck Tech Inc. is renowned for crafting outdoor spaces that are visually stunning, highly durable, and perfectly tailored to fit your unique lifestyle. Serving Richmond and its surrounding towns, we employ premium composite and vinyl materials to ensure your deck not only withstands the Virginia weather but also significantly enhances your home's appeal and market value. Our commitment to excellence makes us the go-to for creating cherished outdoor gathering spots, where families and friends come together to make lasting memories.

Screen Porches for Richmond Living

Screen Porches

Embrace the unparalleled natural beauty of Richmond, VA, and its environs, minus the inconvenience of insects, with our beautifully designed screen porches. At Deck Tech Inc., we specialize in merging indoor comfort with the allure of the outdoors, crafting spaces that protect you from pests while allowing you to enjoy the fresh Virginia air. Using top-quality SCREENEZE® installations, we ensure a durable, seamless extension to your home that stands up to the diverse climate of the region. Our screen porches redefine outdoor living in Richmond, offering both comfort and style in your backyard oasis.

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Richmond's Answer to Stylish Outdoor Shade

Pergolas & Pavilions

Elevate the outdoor appeal of your Richmond home with our custom-built pergolas and pavilions. Deck Tech Inc. designs these elegant structures to not only provide much-needed shade but also enhance the aesthetic and functional value of your outdoor living areas. Perfect for framing stunning garden views or creating inviting spaces for entertainment, our pergolas and pavilions are crafted to harmonize with Richmond's unique charm and the natural beauty of Virginia's landscapes. They serve as focal points in your garden, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary outdoor retreats.

Year-Round Comfort in Richmond, VA

All-Season Rooms

Experience the beauty of Richmond's changing seasons from the comfort of an all-season room crafted by Deck Tech Inc. Custom-designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing home while maximizing views of the picturesque Virginia scenery, our all-season rooms feature interchangeable glass and screen panels, allowing for enjoyment in any weather. These spaces offer a unique blend of indoor comfort and outdoor connection, making them perfect for year-round living, entertainment, or quiet contemplation. With an all-season room, you can capture the essence of Richmond's natural beauty from a cozy, climate-controlled environment, ensuring your home becomes a haven for all seasons.