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Quality Richmond Construction Starts with Quality Materials

At The Deck Tech, we take pride in our work. And with over 20 years of experience as contractors in Richmond, we know that the most beautiful, long-lasting structures begin with the best possible materials. That’s why we use the highest quality products on each and every project, no matter how small. We’ve had great aesthetic and structural success with a variety of composite products, vinyl rails, exotic hardwoods, PVC screened porch systems, and much more.


With so many choices at your disposal, we understand that making a decision can sometimes be an overwhelming process. We’re always happy to sit down with you and review each option, so that you’re able to choose the material that fits your lifestyle as well as your budget.


ACQ Treated Wood Products

ACQ, which stands for Alkaline Copper Quaternary, is a copper-based, affordable, and efficient wood treatment system that protects against decay and/or insect damage. Each of our wood products are available in a variety of grades, and we’ll help you select the one that’s most appropriate for your project.


Ipe Exotic Wood Decking

A natural Brazilian hardwood, Ipe is quickly becoming a sought-after material for homeowners who value both durability and good looks. Ipe’s extreme density gives it an A1 fire rating — the same as concrete and steel – and its natural chemistry makes it resistant to insects. Once constructed with our hidden fastening system and sealed for maximum defense against the elements, few woods can match the beauty of Ipe. Visit to learn more. Samples and brochures available upon request.


Capped Composite – The Original, Improved

Artificial decking started with composite in the late ’80s. Made of recycled plastic and repurposed wood, it was a revolutionary idea, with some well-reported flaws. Fast-forward a couple of decades and the composite decking market has come light years – with new brands, new ideas, and new technology that meet homeowners’ demands for durable and attractive decking.  Capped composite has the same wood and plastic interior as original composite, but is wrapped in a super tough shell cap. More than a protectant against mildew and rot, the cap allows boards to have wood-grain textures and a range of colors to match any style.  Invest once, enjoy for decades. Yep, decades. Decks & Docks only carries capped composite decking brands that guarantee a minimum of 25 years without fading or staining.

Biggest plus: Cost-effective, proven durability


Capped PVC – Looks Great, Feels Great

Looks like wood, but cooler.  As in, actually cooler. PVC decking has a similar

tough shell as capped composite, but because there is no wood content, it retains

far less heat than other decking options – a great choice for a pool deck or boat

dock.  Texture and color options mimic natural wood varieties and stains: oak,

hickory, mahogany, cedar, redwood, and even ipe. Maintenance is a breeze –

periodic hosing off and mild cleaner will keep your deck or dock looking great for 


Biggest plus: Lightweight, best for bare feet





Moisture Shield  

MoistureShield® Vision® is the next generation of composite decking. This distinctive, contemporary design brings the hardwood look of a home’s inside to the outside. With a modern, variegated appearance and guaranteed performance unmatched by any other decking products. MoistureShield Vision stands out while standing the test of time. The future of decking is here.

Available with or without our innovative CoolDeck® technology, which minimizes heat absorption and optimizes heat reflection for a more comfortable deck.

  • Lifetime structural warranty protected to the core

  • Limited Lifetime Fade & Stain Warranty

  • Offered non-grooved or grooved for easy installation with hidden fasteners

  • Available in 5 beautiful colors





You can stay much cooler under the hot summer sun thanks to our new CoolDeck® technology. Now you can chill out on your deck in comfort.

  • Reduces heat absorption up to 35% compared to conventional capped composites

  • Decreases heat transfer on contact, so you can actually walk barefoot in the summer

  • Available in Vision and Infuse



  • Traditional decks

  • Pools

  • Marinas

  • Docks

  • Piers


Trex® Transcends

We make it easy to pair the elegance and durability of your new Trex Transcend deck with a full line of Transcend Railings. The modular construction of this railing system offers unique design flexibility and an endless mix of choices, so the sky's the limit on your dream deck design. Visit to learn more. Samples and brochures available upon request.

Key Link Metal Railings

Keylink Fencing & Railing, Inc. is a leading provider of aluminum railing, aluminum fencing, and chain link for commercial and residential fencing and railing projects. Visit to learn more. Samples and brochures are available upon request.

Deckorators® Decorative Balusters

Stylish balusters from Deckorators® add a unique architectural flair to any project. These balusters continue to lead the industry in innovative colors, materials, and styles, from simple spindles to elegant glass. Visit to learn more. Samples and brochures available upon request.

Southern Vinyl Manufacturing

When it comes to the best in innovative vinyl outdoor living products, look no further than Southern Vinyl Manufacturing. Since 1997, Southern has been Setting the Standards in the manufacturing and delivery of superior quality PVC fencing and railing systems. Visit to learn more. Samples and brochures are available upon request.



SCREENEZE® Screen System

This state-of-the-art fixed screen system features a vinyl cap that snaps over the screen for an evenly stretched panel that lets in breezes while keeping out unwanted insect guests. What’s more, the heavy weight of the SCREENEZE® screens allows us to achieve an extremely tight stretch that lasts. Visit to learn more. Samples and brochures available upon request.



Eze-Breeze Windows

Eze-Breeze is a sensible alternative to glass when it comes to porch windows. This flexible material is transparent, just like glass is, but is not breakable. You can enjoy your porch all year round when you choose Eze-Breeze Sliding Panels over glass or screen. The 10 mill premium vinyl is such that you can press your hand into and it will give and then return to normal once your hand is removed. Visit to learn more. Samples and brochures are available upon request.

Ventura Expanse Windows

Expanse is a whole new way to extend your outdoor living. The retractable screen panels offer panoramic views and easily slide open to let in fresh air and keep the bugs out. Expanse is available in a wide range of sizes, designed and to fit any enclosed porch project - as a screen window replacement or in new construction. The dual sash panels are uniquely designed to optimize natural airflow and comfort. easy to operate, the retractable panels simply disappear when closed. although designed to deter moisture, Expanse is ideal for those who wish to embrace the elements of nature and expand their living space. Visit to learn more.



Pella® Full view storm doors feature interchangeable full glass and full screens — use the one you want to control your light, view and ventilation. Choice of up to eight frame colors, three handle finishes and a variety of glass options. Visit to learn more. Samples and brochures are available upon request.


Made of durable aluminum with nickel hardware 1-1/2 in. Thick construction with glass and screen that snap in and out 2 Layers of weather stripping and a double door sweep help eliminate leaks and drafts. Stylish full-view design for beauty and light. Visit to learn more. Samples and brochures are available upon request.


Larson full view doors offer style and sophistication. The full glass feature allows maximum light into the home and enhances any entrance. Most full view models include an interchangeable screen that allows you to switch between full glass or full screen. Larson offers a large selection of full view doors that are one of a kind in beauty and protection. Visit to learn more. Samples and brochures are available upon request.



Trex Lighting

Our easy to install lights coordinate with our Trex Transcend color collection for a sophisticated, seamless look. Our new long-life LEDs are energy-efficient and are covered by a TREX warranty. Illuminates rather than floods deck with light. Visit to learn more. Samples and brochures are available upon request.



Trex Elevations

When you make the shift to Trex Elevations Steel Deck Framing, you get high-performance low-maintenance, dual-coated galvanized steel that won't sag, rot, warp or leave you hanging like traditional pressure-treated wood substructures. Spend less time thinking about the foundation below your deck, and devote more of your attention to building memories above. Visit to learn more. Samples and brochures are available upon request.

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